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Our clients all thought they had no need for our service initially

Now see what they are saying


“You helped us identify over one million dollars of potential savings. Neither our accountant nor the financial planner could have provided us with the quality of your work—revealing in writing the facts as you have.

The analysis you performed and the professionalism by which it was presented made a significant difference. We know of no comparable service.”

John H. Thaler, Attorney at Law

“Your firm’s services are invaluable. The peace of mind I received from WMi’s amazingly thorough and unbiased approach is unlike anything I have experienced in my more than twenty-five years of business.

Complex insurance and investment matters were explained in a simple and balanced manner. I now actually understand my policies and was able, with your help, to put together more sensible protection. The issues raised with my insurance plans and investment strategies alone were extremely worthwhile.

While I was reluctant to incur the expense at first, I now recommend WMi to my friends, family and clients because you professionally and diligently deliver on your promises. I don’t know of any company that provides the services that you do, and I am honored to be a WMi client."

Barry A. Peters, CPA


"I want to thank you again for the excellent service I received from WMi. In 2 words, absolutely brilliant! I know of no other service that gives this much bang for my buck. I’m like every successful person busy focusing on building my business and relying on my various insurance agents and other professionals to protect my money. I delegate, and I even get reports. But…it’s a very false sense of security.

You uncovered and resolved several problems I had no idea I had. The value I received far exceeded my expectations. WMi saved me tens of thousands immediately—and, undoubtedly, ultimately millions. WMi helped me better position my affairs to protect against loss and explained everything in plain English.

I highly recommend your services as a “must have” for anyone with substantial success who wants to keep it and know what they really have. And if one of my other advisers tries to convince me that I don’t need a wealth audit, I must ask why they’re concerned that I’m having their work objectively reviewed and enhanced.

Everyone should know about your services."

Art Lewin, President, Art Lewin Custom Clothiers



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